Tips For Avoiding Cold And Flu

Colds and flu can be annoying and irritating. Nobody ever wants to have either. You sneeze and cough uncontrollably and blow your nose so much that it turns red and raw. It is an experience that no one would love to revisit. The best and sure way to avoid either would probably be a vaccine but besides that, here are a few tips to help you avoid revisiting the nightmare that is the colds and flu.

How to avoid colds and flu


Ever since time immemorial, exercise has been proven to improve people’s bodies making them healthier and stronger. Those who exercise consistently are also less prone to falling ill, and it is no different for those trying to avoid colds and flu. Something like a jog increases blood flow to all the major parts of the body, strengthens the heart and an increase in temperature levels in the body help in fighting off gems and bacteria that could ultimately lead to colds or flu.

Avoid touching your nose and eyes

Your hands collect a lot of gems and bacteria on a day to day basis. When you touch your nose or eyes with infected hands, then you are at a high risk of getting a cold. Colds and flu are viruses that can get into the body through your eyes and nose if touched by infected hands. You reduce chances of infection by not touching them or by washing your hands frequently.

Observe high levels of hygiene

When you are trying to avoid a cold, it is best to observe an off the charts kind of hygiene. This is when you go out of your way and do things you either never did before or did not do often enough like hand sanitization. Wash your hands after you visit the washroom especially a public one like in the office, a restaurant when you touch a car door, stair rail, anything and everything. You might want to wash your face also regularly to kill germs and bacteria.

Watch your diet and get plenty of sleep

Healthy foods will help with your immunity system preventing you from getting the cold or flu you are so eager to avoid. Research has proven people tend to get sick more around candy seasons like Halloween. Make eating healthy a habit, let snack time be a fruit instead of something starchy and with lots of sugar. Sleep is also a great immunity booster since the rest allows your body to rejuvenate itself leaving it fresh the next day to battle the bacteria it comes into contact.