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Natural Products For Bleaching the Skin

Maintaining a gorgeous and beautiful skin is the dream of every individual. Far, smooth, pale and white are some of the terms used in describing a good, healthy skin. Many skin whitening tips have been proven to be effective in lightening up or bleaching  the skin.

Lemon juice

This juice has many surprising health benefits. Apart from its amazing benefits on teeth and energy, digestion, many people have been using it as a skin whitening product. Its potent properties are helpful in exfoliating the top layer of the skin as well as bleaching the skin. It should be applied to the skin about three times a week.lemon juice

Yogurt and dried orange peels

Grinding of the dried orange peels is done to produce a powder. This powder is mixed with yogurt to produce a paste. The paste produced is applied to the skin and left for about twenty minutes. For improved results, this product should be applied for about three times every week.

Tomato juice

This juice is known for moisturizing and whitening the skin naturally. You are advised to consume raw tomato daily. It can also be mixed with yogurt to produce a mask. This product is applied to the skin for about four times in a week.

Exfoliating the skin

This is the process carried out to prevent the build-up of the dead cells on this vital organ. Regular exfoliation is helpful in brightening the body. It is done using a body scrub. A body scrub is either composed of salt or sugar. It is used in rubbing the entire body skin gently in a circular motion.

Moisturizing it regularly

Keeping it moisturized is highly recommended. This is the best method of preventing the build-up of the dead cells from the surface of the body. For the brighter body, you should use a moisturizer daily after getting out of the shower or bath. The moisturizer chosen should be alcohol-free. Alcohol can lead to drying out of the body. Some of the recommended natural moisturizers are jojoba, coconut, olive, and almond.coconut oil


By limiting the body’s exposure to the sun

Exposing your body to the sun for long hours can make it dark. Alternatively, you can prepare it when going out to prevent tanning. Some of the effective measures that prevent tanning include the following.

  • Using sunscreen products
  • Wearing a wide-brimmed hat
  • Wearing long pants and long-sleeved shirt
  • Avoid staying from the sun completely- it is used in the synthesis of vitamin D which is essential for the vital organs and none health.